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Web Technology - The Simplicity of Use

All user software has been developed by the use of web technologies so as to enable an easy and quick learning cycle, a minimum burden to your IT personnel, and streamlined upgrade and maintenance processes, while at the same time providing accuracy, reliability and data safety.

Modular System Structure - Flexibility of your business

The entire system is designed in a modular and flexible way so that it can easily be adapted to your requirements. You can start with a basic set of modules and add modules incrementally.

Reliability - Long-term partnership

Ten years into development we are introducing the third generation of IT solutions for public transportation of passengers, while constantly ensuring compatibility with previous generations, thus allowing our clients long-term use of elements boasting exceptional service life, and consequently minimum maintenance costs.

The following state-of-the-art technologies are built into our systems: secure contactless smartcards (MIFARE PLUS, DESFIRE, NFC), Web 2.0 technology, GPRS/3G communications.

Quality - Made in Slovenia

In order to guarantee high quality and efficiency of E-karta system components, all key procedures in the development, manufacturing, installation, servicing/repair and maintenance are carried out by our highly-skilled experts. We always make sure that our hardware and software elements are made, to the greatest possible extent, by the use of approved and reliable standard components and technologies.

We are cooperating with the world's leading producers of information technology (Casio – mobile terminals, NXP –semiconductors & contactless smartcards, Oracle – databases).

Hosting – The Guarantee of Data Security

By providing hosting in our processing centre, we can guarantee regular maintenance, frequent software updates and upgrades, quick assistance and repairs, and maximum protection of data from loss or abuse, all of which allows you to make great savings in regard to investing into IT personnel, system hardware and software and licensing.

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